I wish I could see millions of patients. We are building Function to democratize so much of what I do and give you the keys to own your health. It is the most powerful approach to health I’ve seen in my career as a doctor.

– Dr. Mark Hyman

FUNCTION HEALTH Webinar with Dr. Hyman | Recorded on September 28, 2023

Test your whole body. Own your health.

Dr. Mark Hyman gives an exclusive look into his new company: Function Health, the only health company designed to track over 100+ biomarkers over time through lab testing, across the whole body.

Visit Function Health: A lifelong routine of 100+ lab tests. Results with insights from top doctors. Twice per year and on-demand.

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Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Mark Hyman
Head of Strategy & Innovation, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.
14x NY Times best-selling author.

Dr. Mark Hyman

We know a fulfilling life depends on health, and health depends on awareness. You are the source of your truth and we are here to enrich you with the deepest awareness of what is happening within you. We start by bringing together routine whole body lab testing and the world’s top doctors. It is our first step in helping you pursue a lifetime of avoiding disease and feeling your best.

Across the Function Health team, we have each had health challenges that shape our lives. We’ve experienced healthcare’s shortcomings juxtaposed with the brilliance of medicine.  It inspires us to remove complexity, place exponential health technologies in your hands, and put privacy first. Our unwavering commitment is to empower you to own your ever-changing health.  Function Health is all about you.

Welcome to your health.


Visit Function Health: A lifelong routine of 100+ lab tests. Results with insights from top doctors. Twice per year and on-demand.

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More people are taking charge of their own health and wellness, and recognizing that health coaches are the key to creating sustainable and accessible change. The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is leading the movement to transform healthcare, and Functional Medicine Health Coaches are empowering others in their health and wellness journeys all over the world.

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum
Founder and CEO of FMCA

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